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Cool game controllers

Microsoft grabbed a lot of air time at E3 with Project Natal, but Sony and Nintendo both have cool new approaches to motion-sensing technology. Which leads me to wonder: what about the PC?

The advantage of consoles is uniformity. If the console creates or approves a controller, it will conform to the standards put forth by the manufacturer. A game publisher can bank on that. I fully expect that there will be cool motion-sensing technologies (beyond what have already been released) for the PC. The question is, will any of them be dominant enough for a game publisher to invest time and effort in designing for?

And this I’m less than optimistic about. It’s more the pity that this approach towards interfaces has the potential to really bring a big influx of new people into gaming. If the PC can’t find a way to catch the wave this time, do we risk becoming a backwater for a handful of titles too esoteric for the consoles?


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