Trans Geek Girl Meets Mundane World


I’ve been thinking about what a communist version of the classic board game Monopoly would look like:

1) At the beginning of the game, one person becomes the Chairman. This is decided by a bare-fist brawl amongst all players who covet the position. At the end of the brawl, the new Chairman can execute or exile all the other claimants.

2) The “Go directly to jail” and “Get out of jail free” cards are removed from Community Chest and Chance and given to the Chairman. He may use them whenever he wants, however many times he wants, against whoever he wants.

3) The Bank and all property in the game are held by the State, theoretically for the benefit of all players. But the Chairman controls both the currency and all property and can dispense them as favors to other players, or take them back at any time.

4) The other players roll and move around the map as normal, but they can’t buy or sell property and have no method of winning, other than declaring a coup and physically beating up the Chairman. Should this occur, a new Chairman is selected in another brawl and the game continues unabated.

5) Play continues in this dreary manner until all the players grow old and die. Whoever dies last can be considered the winner.

On the flip side, here’s MMOnopoly:  For the first game, play follows the standard rules. Every subsequent game follows the standard rules, except players keep all the money and property they’ve gained in the previous games. New property groups are occasionally added to the board, but of course the players that dominated in earlier rounds are in the best position to acquire these. If you come in late, well, sucks to be you.


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