Trans Geek Girl Meets Mundane World

The Star Trek Online beta ended with a bang – a number of Borg cubes, spheres and probes invaded Federation space. Lt Commander Tirak of the starship Diomede fought the Borg hand-to-hand at Earth spacedock before making it to his ship and warping off to confront one of the massive Borg cubes.


It was Wolf 359 all over again. The Borg swatted Starfleet like flies. My average lifespan after engaging the enemy was about three seconds.

Given the overwhelming nature of the enemy, and the incontrovertable futility of the marginal contribution by the tiny and fragile USS Diomede (using up a slot that could be filled by a beefier ship), Tirak’s Vulcan logic asserted itself and I did the only logical thing to do under the circumstances.

I went to Risa.

Risa (aka The Pleasure Planet) is a world of tropical sunsets, warm beaches, and pretty NPCs wearing the bare minimum necessary to preserve the game’s PG rating. There are no alien monsters to kill, no Borg running amok. In point of fact, there’s nothing to do at all on Risa save to wander about, admire the scenery and chat (I tried to find the bar, but apparently the planet has not been introduced to the mai tai. Pity).

If the world must end, there are worse ways to see it out than sitting in  a beach chair, watching the tropical sun sink into the sea, a lovely alien woman snuggled close on each side. Even if you’re a Vulcan.

Rest in peace, Mister Tirak.

Star Trek Online headstart begins on Friday, Jan. 29. The full launch is slated for Monday, Feb. 1.


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