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Cait Fight (fiction)

***This story is based loosely on an actual event that happened to me last night in the MMO Star Trek Online. There has been considerable controversy over the addition of the cat-like Caitian to the game — and by controversy, I mean the kind of blind, mindless, spittle-flinging hatred generally reserved for talk radio shows.***

N’Shan’s tail twitched irritably as the doctor swept a tissue regenerator across the gash on her cheek. “There we go,” said the doctor, “good as new.”



Catagorical Denial

I want to clear the air about something.

There are two things that are true; 1) we were both in Alaska at about the right time, and 2) the daughter has my eyes.

But I have never been that drunk in my entire life, and if I had been, I wouldn’t have been able to… ermmm… perform.

So I’m almost completely, reasonably, pretty¬†darn sure¬†that Bristol Palin is not my daughter.

No further questions, please.