Trans Geek Girl Meets Mundane World

DC Universe Online

I was seriously prepared to hate this game.

There are so many things wrong-headed about the design that it’s hard to know where to begin. There are no character bios. Everybody has the same origin. While you can create your own character, the templates steer you towards replicating a handful of existing heroes and villains. And the ultimate elite gear that you can earn is a battlesuit bearing the logo of an iconic hero, so you can be part of an army of identical warriors all bearing the same logo.

But I don’t hate it. It’s fun. It’s playable. They’ve got a style system so you can keep your own costume instead of whatever random armor piece you peel off a downed robot.

This is not a great game, by any stretch. The content is thin, and the game systems just don’t measure up to City of Heroes or Champions Online. Most troubling, the executives at Sony Online come off as being apathetic if not actively hostile to the entire notion of community building, player relations, and incorporating player feedback.

But at the end of the day, it’s just plain fun to explore the Justice League Satellite headquarters and meet Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and all the other classic characters that DC is famous for (although, disconcertingly, some of them appear to be carrying on some retail business on the side — guess even heroes have to make ends meet).

It’s not bad. I’m hoping it gets better.

Now if you’ll excuse me… Luthor’s kidnapped the big blue boy scout, and it’s up to me to get his Kryptonian backside out of the frying pan.


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  1. […] Yukon Sam likes the game, but dislikes Sony’s standoffish approach to feedback. […]


  2. Lost your email –
    Have you read Reamde yet? (I’m interested in other mmo-heads reactions to it as I’m reading it)


    • I did enjoy Reamde. I’m not certain it was a classic work of literary genius, but it tackled my favorite game genre AND the social attitudes of the region into which I was born (Sandpoint and the Idaho panhandle).

      Another one I really, really enjoyed recently was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. There were aspects of it that were spookily reminiscent of my life. I strongly recommend it to anybody interested in MMOs and their possible future.


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