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A Plea for Gaila

I want more Gaila.

Gaila is the green-skinned Orion girl in the recent Star Trek movie who is Uhura’s roommate and (presumably) Captain Kirk’s very first alien babe conquest.

She’s a throwaway character. She exists to show Kirk’s xenophilia,¬†create tension between him and Uhura, and provide a conduit by which he cheats the Kobiyashi Maru simulation (though the latter was not obvious in the final cut).¬† She’s eye candy, and remarks by the creators of the movie demonstrate that they didn’t give her much thought beyond that.

She’s captured the imaginations of a segment of the fan base strictly BECAUSE, while she may only be eye candy, she’s very yummy eye candy. While I don’t disagree with that assessment (Rachel Nichols is a lovely woman), it’s beside the point. (more…)