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High School Memories


20180728_175243 (2)From the Panther Press, May 1980, Volume 28, Issue 8

This is a portion of the last editorial I wrote for my high school paper:

An empty high school is a strange place. If you let your imagination free, you can almost relive the past. Listen: music echoes from the band room, applause drifts from the auditorium, the patter of sneaker-clad feet fills the gym, the library whispers with hushed voices. See with your mind, not your eyes: athletes, actors, musicians, students fill the empty halls, so real that you reach out to grasp them. But you can’t.

They’re memories, and they’re not really there. Even if they look the same as the people around, they’re different; they’ve changed, grown, moved closer or further away. It’s not the same as it was, and it never will be.

Memory is a bittersweet gift, best used in moderation. Don’t dwell in the past, but don’t forsake it. Learn from it, for learning is the essence of life. And above all, don’t be afraid to change. One who has never changed has never really lived.