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Two Rings

2018-08-01 01.59.45

I have two rings.

One is a lovely band of white gold, a pattern of entwined leaves all around. It was custom-made to my specifications, at significant expense. It’s a beautiful piece of art, a credit to the jeweler’s craft. It is virtually flawless, unsullied by time or wear.

The other is a banged-up piece of metal with a gleam that suggests silver but by no means promises it. It has a pattern somewhat reminiscent of a Celtic knot halfway around the band, and an uncanny tendency to twist around so the pattern is hidden and the plain band visible.  It was plucked out of a display case on the cheap, and bears the scratches and scuffs of toil and play.

The golden ring hangs on a golden chain on my jewelry stand. I’d thought it lost forever until I dug it out of the shadowed recesses of a drawer a few days ago. It will hang there, unworn, an artifact of a time past.

The scruffy band of not-silver gleams against the keyboard as I type. It has rarely been taken off since it was slid onto my finger, many years ago. This ring is not an artifact, not a piece of art, not a precious twining of gold and platinum. It has been battered and bent, pounded out of shape and roughly back in, subjected to wear that would have twisted the soft gold ring beyond recognition. Yet it endures — older than it was, and showing that age, touched by time but not yielding to it.

I have two rings. One holds a memory. The other holds my heart.


Autumn II

I have of late been reminded, quite convincingly, that there is more to autumn than the impending long slumber of winter. Autumn can also be a season of joy and contentment. As the heat of summer abates, so does the lazy wandering and languor of the season. We are drawn back to home and family, to the warm arms of those who love us best. Autumn is a time to scoop old ashes from the fireplace, to lay in new fuel and rekindle the flames. The oncoming chill of winter is well-warded by a lover’s embrace, and the solitary expeditions of summer pale to the explorations and adventures to be had together in the comfort and warmth of home.