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“Why Does Yukon Sam Hate PvP?”

Since I started MMO gaming shortly after the release of Ultima Online, I’ve been engaged in a variety of discussions regarding PvP (such as this exchange on Raph Koster’s blog last February). And as a result of my various postings, some people have come to the conclusion that I hate PvP – to the point that at one time, somebody actually went to the trouble of creating a entire web page devoted to insulting me (with the paradoxical effect that I was actually rather touched and honored).

Well, here’s the deal; beyond ducking into PvP zones time and again and rabbiting at the first hint of trouble, I haven’t done much PvP in MMORPGs since I left UO. And it actually kind of bothers me, because I’ve done quite a lot of PvP in games like Battlefield 1942 and Planetside, and been good enough at it to have been accused of using a bot/cheat (for the record, I didn’t — turns out I’ve got a knack for shooting moving vehicles from another moving vehicle).

So why not enjoy the thrills of PvP combat in my favorite MMORPGs? A number of factors, actually: